David Boulware and Paul Bohjanen from the University of Minnesota.

45 percent of sufferers developed IRIS of whom 36 percent died, while just 21 percent of sufferers who did not develop IRIS died. Furthermore, the authors found that patients who later developed IRIS associated with cryptococcal meningitis after beginning HIV therapy had 4-fold higher baseline concentrations of cryptococcal antigen and lower levels of several inflammatory cytokines within their blood in comparison to patients who didn’t develop CM-IRIS. The authors say: ‘This study shows that prediction of IRIS or death may be feasible with measurement of pre-antiretroviral therapy serum biomarkers.’ They add, ‘Although needing validation, these biomarkers might be an objective tool to stratify the chance of loss of life and CM-IRIS, and could be used clinically to guide when to start out antiretroviral use or therapy prophylactic interventions.’..The federal government agency warned there have been eight reviews of strangulation associated with baby monitor cords since 2002, two linked with the Angelcare products. Monitors and cords ought to be at least three foot from any right part of the crib, playpen or additional sleeping environments, according to babymonitorsafety.org, a site from the CPSC and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.