Cutaneous melanoma begins in cells melanocytes.

Cutaneous melanoma begins in cells melanocytes, melanocytes, the pigment, the skin produce its color. Previous studies have evaluated the recurrence of melanoma diagnosed in patients already with the disease, most have estimated that less than 4 % of these are additional tumors in the year after diagnosis, to develop, according to background information in the article.

These results show that suggested a higher frequency of second primary melanomas than in previous studies underline also the importance of close monitoring of patients with melanoma. .. ###Editor’s Note: This project was supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, supportsContact: Deborah G.

By examining pathology records, the researchers found that 20 of the participants developed an additional melanoma within one year of diagnosis and 27 developed an additional melanoma within two years. Sixty-three % of those who that the additional tumors and 37 % who did not have developed at least one atypical mole.Stages I & II used as premalignant anomaly of, but not an actual cancers, stage III is a pre – invasive form of cervical cancer. Late – stage C IN is a treatable disease but the last standard treatment is an invasive surgical procedure, Dr. John Rothman of Advaxis Inc., says that to a method to known as a Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure or LEEP, to includes application of of local anesthetics and Cut the said diseased part of the cervix. LEEP surgical usually includes the removal of from healthy tissue around the tumor for prevent repetition..

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Rothman and his the Team on Advaxis to fewer invasive method which to treat CIN.