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The bill would also require doctors an abortion after the 21st Week of pregnancy, the woman, copies of documents indicate that the reason for the abortion and whether it is necessary to prevent substantial and irreversible damage to a major bodily function. By law minors would seek abortions necessary to provide identification and proof of state residence. The person accompanying the little would be necessary also to facilitate identification, sign a statement about her relationship with the minor and identify the father of the fetus, if possible.High-throughput computer model Can Personalisation Medicine & Health to pandemics.

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Michael Katze, presents at the Society for General Microbiology Spring in Edinburgh describes how to computer modeling would a mighty tool to enable treatments which be tailored to to the individual. This approach could ultimately prevent the ability of future pandemic. – Katze Prof., of the University of Washington at Seattle shows the ‘systems biology’ methods of able successful approach viral infections such HIV and hepatitis C viral, for which there are no effective vaccine can be or treat.