Committed supporting research with the highest probability of advancing potential drug candidates.

Funding for the Utah team is part of the families of SMA development strategy for basic, translational and clinical research into coordinated efforts geared to facilitate drug discovery for the integrated treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. Since its inception, the organization has funded more than $ 50 million in research initiatives, formed a series of partnerships with biotechnology companies, reduced barriers in the development of drugs through open access to mouse models of SMA and has been the the Congress the National Institutes of Health in creating awareness and increasing federal funding for disease instrumental..

Families of SMA has raised and funded over $ 50 million for SMA research held by support of generous individual donations and numerous fundraising events by volunteer families and local groups.

The board also adopted the EU telematics master plan to the development of a coherent strategy for 2007-2013 for the EU should provide telematics – the amount of pan – European IT systems and databases for the collection and dissemination of information on drug use in the European Union.. About Families of SMAA small group of parents Families of SMA began in 1984, the funding for SMA research to increase the to cure disease, and support all affected families. At the time, little was known about spinal muscular atrophy and has been very little research is conducted.CIP for the used to apply pressure to the strengthening its capital base needs in health centers, like construction, repair, renovation and purchases 2.00 U.S. Dollars including the acquisition by healthcare information technology systems. Front of the award federal funding Medical Centers health centers, as her result projects to improve access to services by underserved populations and creating Health Centre and works jobs. Source ofSen. Frank R.

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