Claude Preudhomme.

The cumulative incidences of an excellent molecular response at 24 months with imatinib by itself at the 400-mg dose, imatinib by itself at the 600-mg dose, imatinib and cytarabine, and imatinib and peginterferon alfa-2a were 26 percent , 33 percent , 33 percent and 46 percent , respectively. The cumulative incidences of undetectable molecular residual disease at 24 months were 11 percent , 12 percent , 9 percent and 20 percent , respectively.2. Keloid scars. Just like the hypertrophic scars, these as well are enlarged scars. However, unlike the above-mentioned marks, these scars exceed the boundaries of the initial wound. It is company and rubbery to the touch and could sometimes itch. Loss of skin tissues. They are actually even more common than the acne scars due to increased skin tissues. 1. Acne spots. They are characterized as toned discoloration. Common colours for acne spots are red and brown. They slowly disappear on their own but patients might use topical products also. 2. Ice-pick lesions.