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It is abundant with lactic acids that rough ends and soothe itchy scalp smoothen. Keep it on for thirty minutes, before your clean it off with a mild shampoo. With yoghurt to the rescue, you can bid adieu to flaky dandruff for good. Black Tea Another reason to stock up on the goodness of dark tea. Caffeine present in the black tea may reduce hormone counts in your body that are associated with hair loss. Soak 2 or 3 3 used tea bags in boiled water overnight and give your hair a final rinse with the solution after shampooing.The peripheral disease fighting capability indicators microglia to secrete inflammatory cytokines that cause behavioral changes. In many ways microglia become the Red Cross, he added. They are able to converge upon sites of injury in the mind to scour apart neuronal debris and begin repairs, and during a peripheral illness the cytokines they make cause behavioral adjustments that support healing and convalescence. Nevertheless, if microglia overreact, the result can be pathological. Johnson’s study, in August that was published, revealed that older pets had an exaggerated inflammatory cytokine response in the brain compared with young pets when the peripheral immune system was stimulated with LPS.