No drugs have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of Raynaud approved.. About Vascana Vascana Vascana a topical therapy for the treatment of symptoms associated with Raynaud syndrome. Raynaud’s patients, 90 % whom are women, can cause severe pain in chronic vasospasm episodes in their hands, feet and other extremities together. A locally acting Vascana, topical formulation, which can be applied, to prevent or treat the symptoms associated with Raynaud’s episodes, which would allow patients to control their disease, estimated that 9 to 11,000 people in the United States suffer from Raynaud, 1 million of them have been diagnosed and receive medical treatment.

Disease – gets Medi Quest NDA response from FDAMedicare Quest Therapeutics, a complete response letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Division of Cardiovascular and Renal Products received for its New Drug Application 22-241 a proposed topical therapy for Raynaud’s Disease. The application will receive priority review and the letter was received a day before the six-month PDUFA date of 25 October 2008.Continue reading

Nysna, for his part, said Kaleda, has not abandoned city and nurses continue to fight to get what belongs rightfully to the nurses Nysna will pursue to to physically strenuous is a reality for It the city nurses. Our hope is that the EEOC see the are are and see that the government of the city of New York has his sisters failed. .

HHC Nurses To 1000 sex discrimination complaints against City and City Council, New York State fileSay town nurses who are denied the right to a fair pension, more than 1,000 complaints of sex discrimination against the City of New York filed and the City Council on Friday, December.Continue reading

Shortages also ethical dilemmas between countries with manufacturing capacity and those without, and in terms of people in countries with insufficient resources the cost of the cost of vaccines and medicines. A pandemic a pandemic within 12 months, the availability of of. Be limited antivirals, and people at high risk have take precedence Healthcare workers and people operating essential services could to protect the most important groups, he concludes.

Thor Voigt, Senior Vice President, Medicine and Drug Regulatory Affairs, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, ‘We wanted an understanding of strategies for recurrent stroke ahead of prevention and will continue to evaluate the PRoFESS data to help physicians make more informed treatment decisions. ‘.. ‘Given the high prevalence of stroke and recurrent stroke in aging societies, physicians , a number of treatment options may need , they offer patients a treatment tailored to their individual needs, ‘said Professor Hans-Christoph Diener, University of Essen, Germany, one of the three investigators of the study. ‘helps Landmark studies such PRoFESS clinicians make evidence-based treatment to ensure decisions and, patient the best treatment for their condition ‘ – were the other regimen tested investigated in practice, whether Micardis tablets, combined with standard therapy with platelet inhibitors may further reduce the risk of recurrent stroke at the end of the study.Continue reading

MSF team Of Violence RecommendIn February, bombings and attacks on villages in parts of West Darfur, to an influx of thousands of refugees in the Birak region in eastern Chad.Doctors Without Borders / M decins Sans Fronti res team support have been the distribution essential relief supplies to the refugees, including: more than 2,500 blankets, 600 tarpaulins, 600 jerrycans for water, 000 mats, soap, and nutrients fortified, ready-to-use food to prevent and treat malnutrition. By the end of February, the MSF team 51 injured 51 injured in Birak health center. For now, morbidity and malnutrition normal for the area.

Families families together on the Chadian side of the border, but a week after the attacks, some parents are still in search of their allege that many allege that many old people who do not. Move to be able to stay in Darfur.Continue reading

Fellow researcher Dr Ryan Metcalfe is now developing genetic techniques to investigate the medicinal plants of ancient Egypt , he has his research to determine which modern species conceived the old botanical specimen most closely related. ‘This could a probable a likely starting point for the system, while to determine providing additional evidence for the trade routes, targeted cultivation, trade centers or places of treatment, ‘said Dr. Metcalfe.

Our research is based on a continuation of genetic, chemical and comparative basis, compare the medicinal plants of ancient Egypt with modern species and 1st similarities between the traditional remedies of North Africa with the means of their ancestors study used . ###contact.Continue reading