BMS banners & placards with picture of CEO Andreotti encircled by Piles of Money Protestors.

BMS’ banners & placards with picture of CEO Andreotti encircled by Piles of Money Protestors, marching with signs and chanting slogans, including ‘Drug company greed kills’, christening BMS with new name: ‘Big Money Scheme’ Protestors, putting on MASKS of BMS CEO Andreotti’s faceUp to one hundred AIDS activists are anticipated at a protest Tuesday, 15th at 10:00 AM June, hosted by AIDS Healthcare Foundation , targeting New York-based Bristol Myers Squibb Co. over the pricing and policies for its key HIV/Helps drug, Reyataz, one of the most costly first-line AIDS treatments in the US viagra generic . Protestors are expected to dominate Avenue of the Celebrities, carrying oversized $100 bills symbolizing the BMS’ greed, along with posters and banners including several featuring the term ‘Shame on BMS’ accompanied by a graphic of Andreotti stuffing a expenses in his pocket while encircled by piles of cash.

Pharmacologists also are, he says, seeking to expand the shelf lifestyle of anti-HIV drugs as a means of earning them more accessible to infected people in the developing globe. Besides Flexner, various other leaders behind the consensus meeting report include Keith Crawford, R.Ph., Ph.D.; David Dark brown Ripin, Ph.D.; and Andrew Levin, M.D., Ph.D.. AIDS battle: stretching use of anti-HIV drugs A Johns Hopkins expert in the drug treatment of HIV disease and AIDS is spearheading an international effort to radically shift the production and prescribing of combination therapies widely credited within the last decade for keeping the disease in check for 8 million of the 34 million infected people worldwide.D. In the July edition of the medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases In a written report appearing, Flexner, and also other researchers from Johns Hopkins and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, say more efficient and cheaper manufacturing strategies, better drug formulations, lower-dosage prescriptions and shorter treatment periods are all feasible, safe and potentially effective.