Blah Blah Blah is one of four short films.

Blah Blah Blah is one of four short films, airing at 7:55 of 15 December, with the slogan Life After Coma . This series of documentaries exploring the lives of four people who have survived a coma, -different states of consciousness.

– RHN residents live with locked-in syndrome, and shows how we have managed his ability his ability to communicate and publish three collections of poetry, in spite his being paralyzed over 90 percent.

As you may know, on arrival at the RHN, many of our patients and residents communication difficulties and cognitive-behavioral therapy and may have requirements in addition to a physical disability. Communication is the key to everything we do to our residents at all levels must be able to communicate and understand these requirements to interact. This film shows very clearly how we are existing in a position to adapt – and new design – can take technology, the individual circumstances, the restoration of choice and independence and enable people like Piotr retain their dignity..Said Williamto Common Cold and FluFact or Myth? If your flu vaccines too soon getting the year, your protection is to wear before flu season end.

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