Before we go into the various benefits linked with health multivitamins and supplements.

The natural sources include dairy products, yellow vegetables, and liver. B Vitamins Vitamin B and its various other sub groups of vitamin supplements are useful in promoting the forming of red blood cells and also assist in many metabolic activities. Found in their natural form in soybeans, milk, eggs, whole grains, cereals, meat, poultry, seafood and enriched breads; Supplement B is among the most significant ingredients for your son or daughter’s overall development. Vitamin C Functional in strengthening muscles, connective skin and tissue, and also hastening the curing of bones and wounds, increasing level of resistance to infections and colds; Vitamin C exists in strawberries, tomatoes, citrus fruits, potatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.Lo, MD, Cedars-Sinai INFIRMARY, Los Angeles, California ASGE Ambassador-Solomon Islands Nicholas J. Nickl, MD, University Hospital Chandler Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky.

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