Before reading this blog Myers had had a name for its unusual perceptions.

Before reading this blog Myers had had a name for its unusual perceptions.Turns out, while scientists that 2 % of the population has this condition, quite a few of you up up, colors colors in numbers, letters, sounds and smells to see other numbers and letters can taste, with gender specific issues.

Some of you, like Myers, had to do with these effects without all your life, there was a word for it lived. He thought everyone did this until a few years ago, when he brought his family and, as he says, – ‘It all started looking at me weird. ‘This is the result of additional compounds that most of us not have, between different parts of the brain -. Basically the brain at birth a lot of a lot of extra wiring between sight, smell, taste, touch and visual areas, and in most infants, these compounds away after about four months.A neighborhood from pure oxygen in three-and-a-half times normal Pressure contributes significantly to effective of a natural conjunction been shown that too kill cancer cells, researchers at University of Washington and Washington State University reported recently in the journal Anticancer Research.

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