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The authors say that the microparticles could not solution injections are used for more than 15 to 30 minutes, because fluid congestion of the blood would be used if, for each ,, a device These are not blood substitutes, Kheir said. Blood substitutes carry oxygen, but are of limited use if the lung does not work and can not them with oxygen. These microparticles are designed for people who can not breathe.

John Kheir and team say that patients who are injected with this solution, near-normal oxygen content in the blood within seconds.In animal studies, the authors reported, because signal the animals alive without breathing for 15 minutes, dramatically reducing the incidence of organ injury and cardiac arrest . The oxygen injection may buy patients valuable time John Kheir said that the micro-particle solutions are easy to carry, and could be used conveniently to people who do not breathe life can, emergency personnel give more time for the patient to a safe place, get where more challenging to keep rescue method may be performed.The class starts with skill shortages be addressed first be addressed first by Specialist UK Professional qualifying.

The University Hospital South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust did the first UK program specifically for Praktiker launched burns nursing – with the backing of Manchester Metropolitan University .

The program may address the want of burn nursing rehabilitation of staff, Rachael of said. Recruitment in this sector, and pediatric burns, being a problem. Staff view by little or no burning experience and learning in the job market. Works at a hospital only just basic picture the rehabilitation, do I personal am delighted to get very much more about that towards the end of course. The University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust had done fantastic job to burn nursing formation of a number of years, but now it has a recognized qualification having external validity. This is an important the initiative the sector, especially for nurses in this area.