As stipulated in the stimulus law.

We support promulgation of digital infrastructure as a key component of improved health care delivery, but we wish the procedure to be implemented and timed in a broadly attainable fashion.’.. AMGA releases comments on preliminary proposals for Stage 2 Meaningful Use objectives The American Medical Group Association , a trade association representing multispecialty medical groups and additional organized systems of care, today released its comments on a request for information from the Health IT Policy Committee on its preliminary proposals for Stage 2 Meaningful Use objectives. ‘Meaningful use’ may be the term of art used to spell it out the actions essential to allow participants to receive incentive payments for implementation of electronic medical information, as stipulated in the ‘stimulus‘ law, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Take action of 2009 .Previously, immune-targeted therapies tested in type 1 diabetes have had modest success in temporarily preserving beta cell function, but many possess negative side effects related to wide immune suppression and none have been in a position to end disease progression permanently. Alefacept inhibits T cell activation by targeting the CD2 surface area marker entirely on T cells specifically. ITN investigators hypothesized that alefacept may be able to induce a far more durable clinical response by disrupting specific key aspects of the immune response involved in disease pathogenesis.