As proprietary brain target version of the marketed product Caely / Doxi.

The therapeutic benefit and predictable safety profile of 2B3-101 has been successfully demonstrated in preclinical studies, and the product is ready to start? Clinical investigation in a Phase I / II study. 2B3-101 can be developed for multiple brain cancer indications and BBB considers the development of brain metastases of breast cancer and glioma.. As proprietary brain target version of the marketed product Caely / Doxi , 2B3-101 uses glutathione , in order to improve the delivery of safe doxorubicin through the blood – brain barrier.

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FDA grants orphan drug status for lead product for BBBto – BBB, the Dutch brain drug delivery company, announced today that the Food and Drug Administration granted orphan drug status to BBB for brain cancer lead product 2B3 – granted one hundred and first.. Including osteoporosis,nt scientific contributions scientific contributions by John A. KanisThe renowned IOF Medal of Achievement is the IOF WCO – ECCEO10 Congress honored in Florence Professor Emeritus John A.##people to the project Ron Downey, a professor of psychology part;. Amy Lara, Assistant Professor of for philosophy, David Rintoul, associate professor of biology; Bill Schenck – Hamlin Professor of speech communication, Scott Tanona, assistant professor of philosophy, Larry Problem, professor of physics, and Michael Smith, a doctoral student of psychology, Manhattan a graduate researcher .

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