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The first individual in Japan was treated in the ABSORB EXTEND scientific trial by Shigeru Saito, M.D., director, Catheterization and Cardiology Laboratories, and vice president, Shonan Kamakura Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan. Abbott’s BVS technology gets the potential to open up a fresh therapy option for doctors treating patients with coronary artery disease in Japan, said Dr. Saito. For Japanese patients, this technology will keep tremendous appeal, as it is designed to deal with a clogged bloodstream vessel like a drug eluting stent and then dissolve, thereby restoring a far more organic vessel function without leaving a long lasting metallic implant behind in your body.A larger placebo response was seen in trial 1 than in trial 2. Inside our trials, adverse events and serious adverse events were well balanced between study groups in both trials. Dry mouth, an average adverse event with anticholinergic agents, was reported in under 2 percent of all sufferers and was reported more often in the tiotropium group than in the placebo group (eight sufferers vs. In conclusion, in individuals with poorly controlled asthma despite treatment with inhaled LABAs and glucocorticoids, adding tiotropium significantly reduced the chance of episodes of the worsening of asthma and asthma exacerbations requiring treatment with systemic glucocorticoids and provided sustained bronchodilation.