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Another protein. Had two weeks later, while in a normal mouse injured nerves are not operational within two days, said Bellen.Five years ago , researchers discovered that the mice had three copies of a gene for a protein that was a fusion of NMNAT and another protein. Bellen and his colleagues sought to determine whether NMNAT really protective by studying mutant forms of it in fruit flies or Drosophila melanogaster, a commonly used model organism. NMNAT exist in a single state in the fruit, and there is only one form of it.

If Zhai, Bellen and colleagues bred flies that lack the protein in their visual system, they found that the neurons degenerated rapidly. However, the degeneration could be slowed down by the flies in the dark and preventing their visual neurons from activating. In the absence of the protein NMNAT, the photoreceptors in the eye develop normally send axons and make synapses – Bellen.

If raised raised in the darkness, the neurons died, but very slow when compared the exposure to the light. – ‘Activity clearly causes a massive degeneration,’he said.The scientists found that 82 people – 21.3 percent – she to undergo genetic testing only if it paid by their insurance. Among those who are ready to make something out of pocket expense , if nearly 90 percent New limit one, how much they will charged, the most from their own pockets expense is limited to $ 500 or less.

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