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Selzentry was initially approved by the FDA in August 2007 as a salvage drug used in patients who do not respond develop developed resistance, other AIDS medications and priced at $ 12,528 per patient per year. In just two years, the price for Selzentry – the other by at least two – AIDS drugs have increased by almost 10 percent. Pfizer reported $ 46 million in sales for Selzentry in 2008, according to the Associated Press. In this time of growing national concern about ballooning health care costs, criminal criminal Pfizer to price increases Selzentry at the salvage therapy rate continue, especially now that the market for the drug is highly likely to come the FDA extended to approval of the drug for first-line use, said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Public programs like AIDS Drug Assistance programs and Medicaid probably be the largest purchaser of Selzentry are. Where exactly does the burden fall by Pfizer price – gouging? On the taxpayer. And for what reason? that the largest pharmaceutical company in the world can, just a little more profit, while bankrupt government programs already hurting for funds, such as to ensure that Americans HIV / AIDS HIV / AIDS on life-saving treatment that they need to work. .

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