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The first and oldest way is to just remove the source of the testosterone that the testicles and this is performed with a surgical procedure called orchiectomy. Some 25 years ago, it was the signals to the signals to the testicles, coming from the brain, and in particular the pituitary gland, and this is with drugs which inhibit pituitary called from secreting hormones master LSH and FSH done. Those who interact down and interact to stimulate the testes testosterone and if you use drugs such as Lupron or Zoladex stops the pituitary gland of the shipping of these signals. To block a second general manner testosterone to block its conversion to an active form.. And drugs such as / deprivation therapy, and how it ??Q: What is androgen / deprivation therapy, and how it is achieved?Answer: androgen suppression therapy is the the production of the production of testosterone or its effects on cancer cells.

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