An unsolved problem is how to produce efficiently and economically.

An unsolved problem is how to produce efficiently and economically. Quickly with a quickly with a thin film of the organic compound in the solution, dried by a by a semiconductor layer. But for big arrays like displays, this layer must be patterned into electrically isolated devices. In that requires one or more additional steps, which do costly, time consuming and / or difficult to precisely.

###* D. Gundlach, Subramanian, Jurchescu, Hamadani, Kirillov, judge, Kushmerick, judges, Jackson and J. Anthony. Induced crystallinity for high-performance soluble acene-based transistors and circuits without contact. Nature Materials, Advanced Online Publication, February 2008.

Conventional semiconductors which require high-temperature processing steps, organic semiconductor devices can be made at room temperature. They could be built on flexible polymers instead of rigid silicon wafers.Interventions.. A team promoted to Dr.

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