Alcohol addiction drug may help opioid addicts: FDA panel considers reports By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Vivitrol is a new formulation of naltrexone, which includes been used for years in an oral form and is obtainable as a generic. Side effects of Vivitrol can include infections, sleep issues and injection site reactions. The drug was never really used widely because of this indication since it was expensive. Experts from the pharmaceutical business that made this drug, Alkermes also observed in addition, it helped prevent people who had lately got over their opioid addiction from relapsing. Vivitrol’s net sales were $20.2 million for fiscal 2010 due to its cost. Product sales could reach $125 million by 2015 if the drug wins wider approval, regarding to Leerink Swann Analysis Analyst Steve Yoo.The meningitis prevention and control technique was reviewed and endorsed by WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Professionals on Immunization in April 2008 and by the GAVI Alliance Table in June 2008. ‘Money well spent’ ‘Vaccination with the brand new meningitis vaccine is money well spent. Our initial investment of US$ 55 million towards a meningitis stockpile will significantly help push away additional outbreaks of this disease,’ said Dr Julian Lob-Leyvt, Executive Secretary of the GAVI Alliance. The GAVI Alliance is a public-private partnership of main stakeholders in immunization including WHO, UNICEF, the global world Bank, developing nation and donor governments, analysis and technical agencies in the vaccine sector, civil culture and the Expenses & Melinda Gates Base.