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Tarzana Treatment Middle was the subject of several LA Times stories this past year when LA County Supervisors Antonovich and Yaroslavsky needed a study of the agency over inflated executive compensation and extreme obligations on leases for structures owned by its own executives and board people . The Tarzana Treatment Middle clinics that have been awarded the contract recently are also situated in buildings owned by its own executives and board people.. AHF spearheads e-letter-writing campaign to stop de-funding of AIDS clinics in Antelope Valley An online e-letter-writing advertising campaign spearheaded by AIDS Healthcare Foundation targeting LA County Supervisor Michael D.‘In earlier research, tests with mental and physical challenging stimuli , such as operative traumata, hyperthermia, cold-pressor and public-speaking stress , show a deficient HPA reactivity in abstinent alcoholics. However, none of these research has established a time span of HPA failure during abstinence or has shown the time needed for a possible recovery.’ ‘The HPA axis is an exquisitely sensitive system triggered physiologically by an array of mental and physical stressors,’ remarked Cristiana Di Gennaro, research doctor at the University of Parma. ‘A rise in plasma ACTH and cortisol are believed good markers of tension, in terms of both acute reaction and of chronic contact with stressful situations. An impaired function of HPA axis established fact in alcoholics,’ she added, ‘and it’s been suggested a blunted HPA axis responsiveness is important in early alcoholic beverages relapse following detoxification in alcoholics.’ Experts recruited two sets of males: 10 recently abstinent alcoholics 33 to 45 years; and 10 age-matched healthy controls.