Affordable healthcare can save millions of women.

Specifically, local data should be used to recognize and prioritize strategic, evidence-based, and essential health interventions that, if scaled up, could have the greatest impact on saving lives. The report carries a new analysis in which modeling software called the LIVES SAVED TOOL was utilized to estimate the amount of lives that might be saved by increasing coverage of a range of important maternal, newborn, and child health interventions. The evaluation shows that if, by 2015, 90 % of children under five years aged and mothers were included in already essential and well-known wellness interventions, about 4 million lives would be saved annually, avoiding an estimated 85 % of current maternal, newborn, and child deaths; this would exceed the MDGs for child and maternal health.Because prostate cancer is a slow-growing disease, a lot of men with this disease shall die from other causes before they die from prostate cancer. Consider sites, like this one, just a starting point where one can begin to find out more about prostate cancer. In the event that you do select invasive conventional treatment, you can generally change your diet and do non-invasive organic treatments too.

3 everyday things to stay away from your children Below are 3 everyday things which should not be given to your children because they are high in carcinogens and other toxins.