Aetna CEO predicts some premium rate shock due to health law provisions.

Votes AND ONLY Universal COVERAGE OF HEALTH The United Nations General Assembly voted and only a draft quality supporting universal coverage of health, signaling the importance of universal health care to the international advancement agenda . The Hill: U.S. Backs US Measure In Favor Of Universal Health Coverage AMERICA has backed a United Nations draft resolution favoring common health care coverage. The non-binding measure telephone calls on U.N. Member states to ensure citizens' gain access to to medical health insurance, and was authorized by the U.N. On Wednesday General Assembly. Supporters state the draft resolution paves just how for the post-2015 development agenda to add universal health coverage. Health insurance for all promotes ‘sustained, equitable and inclusive growth, social cohesion and well-being of the population,’ the U.N.The addition ofAllergan'sportfolio, including multiple blockbuster therapeutic franchises, doubles the revenues ofActavis'North American Specialty Brands business.On an expert forma basis for full year 2015, the combined company will have three blockbuster franchises each with annual revenues in excess of$3 billionin Ophthalmology, Neurosciences/CNS and Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology/Plastic Surgery. The specialty product franchises in Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular,Women's Wellness, Urology and Infectious Disease treatments could have combined revenues of approximately$4 billion. Actavisprojects that the transaction will create at least$1.8 billionin annual synergies commencing in 2016, in addition to the$475 millionof annual savings previously announced byAllerganin connection with Project Endurance.Actavisalso plans to keep up annual R&D investment of approximately$1.7 billion, ensuring the correct resource allocation to keep driving exceptional organic growth.