Advanced optical measures may help predict change in visible acuity.

Advanced Optical Procedures Predict Change in Visual Acuity Dr Koenig and coauthors performed a follow-up study in 148 older adults, aged 50 to 80 years. Furthermore to standard visible acuity testing, the participants underwent wavefront mistake testing-a computerized test that can detect delicate abnormalities in the eyesight's handling of light. About 40 optical components based on WFE had been calculated, including 31 different picture quality measures, four actions of light scatter in the optical eye, and four actions of opacification of the zoom lens of the eye.But because of the level of damage involved, workers have no idea just how bad things really are still, and it may be months or even years before anyone has any solid answers. ‘Inside the complex, there are three wrecked reactor cores, twisted masses of hundreds of tons of highly radioactive uranium, plutonium, strontium and cesium,’ wrote Matthew L. Wald for THE BRAND NEW York Times . ‘Nobody really knows [the true degree of damage], because nobody has yet examined many of the most important parts of the wreckage.’ They are powerful admissions that cast the problem at Fukushima as much more dire than we’ve all been resulted in believe.