Acne Prognosis The prognosis for most cases of acne is excellent.

The scarring of acne may also be treated. Your doctor can inform you of various ways available to treat acne scars. Pits and depressions still left in the skin from pimples scarring can be treated with a skin-sanding treatment called dermabrasion, chemical peels, and occasionally with tissue fillers. Bumpy scars are treated with injections of an intralesional steroid often. Lasers can be used in treating scars, but they can be expensive.. Acne Prognosis The prognosis for most cases of acne is excellent.Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society and author of an accompanying journal editorial, said that the men in the analysis all had Medicare, so each of them had usage of care. These findings aren’t unique to prostate malignancy, Brawley described. ‘There were several studies in other illnesses – – breast cancer, cancer of the colon – – that have shown the same problem, dark versus white,’ he said. Furthermore, the same disparity in medical care has been found for poor versus the well-off, he said. ‘There are some poor white some people that have the same issue as blacks,’ he added. Brawley said doctors who treat black patients ‘have a tendency to maintain worse medical circumstances’ than doctors who deal with white patients.