ACDI/VOCA observes World Food Day This World Food Day.

AHF is employed in conjunction with two Portland in the testing effort: the Cascade AIDS Project, and the Multnomah County Wellness Dept. STD, Hepatitis and HIV C Program. AIDS Healthcare Foundation is proud to keep its second HIV Screening Tour over the US after the successful completion of its latest and ambitious 14 city AHF Magic Johnson HIV Testing Caravan in mid-2009. And throughout the course of the cross-country HIV testing tour, HIV testing counselors will also supply a steady blast of updates, videos and images via new press: YouTube, Facebook and postings from along the way Twitter, interviews with local partners, authorities officials and, when appropriate and available, interviews with people who were tested on the cellular unit.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United Says currently, more than 468,000 of whom are living with an AIDS-defining illness.And who can blame him? The Harvard work, as Larry Summers knows well, is normally no cake walk. I’m a little bit wary that Faust’s appointment can be bandied about while evidence that Harvard has resolved its issues with creating equal opportunities for women. But perhaps researchers still have reason to rejoice. The New York Times reports today that: Asked Sunday whether her appointment signified the end of sex inequities at the university, Dr. There is a lot of work to be achieved still, especially in the sciences.. So Harvard has truly gone and elected itself a female president, the first in the university’s 370-year history.