According to new research from the University of Southampton.

Today, South Africa has transformed its guidelines so that ART is obtainable with a CD4 cell count of 500 or less, in line with recommendations from the global world Health Organisation. It took an average of just over eight a few months for men to attain this cell count right away of follow-up, in comparison to over 17 weeks in women. The finding that time to Artwork eligibility was considerably shorter for guys highlights the need to develop gender oriented strategies throughout HIV treatment in the African context says Dr Nuala McGrath at the University of Southampton and lead author of the study. Firstly men will present for care with slightly lower CD4 cell counts than women and we need to find methods for getting men into care earlier. Once in care, a lot of people shall become qualified to receive treatment within a couple of pre-ART care visits, particularly if visits are less frequent than the recommended six regular intervals.If a drug based on this new approach helps it be to human trials, Hamlin said, the advantage would be had by it of being non-hormonal, which might sidestep some potential unwanted effects. There are already some male contraceptives further along in development, Hamlin pointed out. One is usually Vasalgel, a gel injected into a man’s vas deferens – – the tube that transports sperm. The hope is it will offer you a reversible, surgery-free alternative to vasectomy. Early human being trials are expected to start out next year, Hamlin said. Another is gendarussa, an herbal medicine that inhibits a key enzyme in sperm. It has shown guarantee in early trials. There are always obstacles to moving potential contraceptives into large clinical trials, Hamlin said.