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According to Dr. Suratt, the vocabulary differences associated with nightly snoring are equivalent to the IQ differences lead attributed to exposure read more . Studies show that even at toxic levels to reduce lead exposure of a child IQ by more than seven points, he notes. Year-olds can intellectually and behaviorally detrimental to children because they deep sleep deep sleep needed for healthy development. At night, the children with sleep disorders observed snoring, snorting, gasping, are tossing and turning. During the day, these children can be irritable, hyperactive and distracted.

In a number of studies with 6-12 – year-olds, researchers are assembling a list of risk indicators. Hitherto been snoring frequency with sleep lab results combination proved the most reliable predictors of intellectual impairment and behavioral problems may be. Sleep-disordered breathingrace appear to be important risk factors.

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