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About NomirNomir Medical Technologies, a medical device company with a product pipeline of optical energy therapeutics being developed for various clinical applications. Nomir light-based systems target the elimination of bacterial and fungal infections, as well as promoting healthy tissue recovery http://mebeverine.org . This potential therapy changing technology, the efficacy. The, or even reduce the need for antibiotics and antifungals, and can be associated with fewer side effects of the treatment in connection Nomir has a broad patent portfolio with pending systems, methods and unique photobiological mechanism claims for near infrared light damage to bacteria and fungi. Announcement Certain statements in this release containing words like believe, can expect are included, project and similar expressions are forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements include the following: market acceptance of our technologies, therapies and products, our ability to obtain financing, our financial and technical resources relative to those of our competitors, our keeping ability with rapidly changing technologies; government regulations of our technologies our capability our ability and enforce our intellectual property rights and protect our proprietary technologies, the ability to attract and retain key personnel, the ability to obtain and partnership opportunities, the time commercial product launches. Ability milestones in key products and other risks identified from time to time reach in to the company announcements Medical TechnologiesTechnologies.

Microenvironment includes variations in the ability of cells with each other, with each other, either via external signals or via cell-cell contact. This is crucial for the reaction of normal tissues, to prevent damage. Topics, includingrable attention in this session to the normal tissue response, one of the most interesting is the use of stem cells damaged organs against the destructive effects of radiation to rescue. Another major issue is the prediction of radiation damage to normal tissues of the genetic makeup of the patient, particularly , the DNA sequences they specific damage specific damage response genes – another promising research area, are obtained in progress.

Third party risk factor described in can actual results to vary from the results implied or projected by, the forward-looking statements. About these factors include, without limited: our incapacity good time on time, carry out our capacity to license the, acquisition and technology, and integrating them successfully acquired businesses and licensed technology into our existing business or order to undertake profitable, markets at which we our products sell decline or non as anticipated, an inability to adequately protect our intellectual property, the loss of our licenses and licensed rights; of our actual effectively, fluctuation at our quarterly operating results and ability to to set our operations to address unexpected changes; significant incident in third-party package delivery and import / export with services or significant price increases to such services, supplies of raw materials and supplies, our capacity to to produce a sufficient quantity products our customers’ requirements our customers’ requirements, the manufacturing and sale of products for our products exposing adhesion claim; our inability maintain the observance of applicable government regulations; regulatory changes; failure to comply public health regulations, economic, political and other risks associated with foreign operations; our ability to people employees, restrictions in of our credit agreements, our the full amount the full value of our intangible assets, and other factors which we are operate under the heading Risk Factors to our most recent annual review form 10-K and. Our other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission filings We oppose any intent or duty to update any forward-looking statements due to by Changes, that update after the date of of this press release. Institute.