About 454 Life Sciences454 Life Sciences follow this web-site.

About 454 Life Sciences454 Life Sciences, in 2000 as a majority-owned subsidiary of CuraGen Corporation founded in 2006. Novel instrumentation for high-throughput nucleotide sequencing with specific application to whole – genome sequencing and ultra-deep sequencing of target genes follow this web-site . The hallmarks of 454 Sequencing making a simple, unbiased sample preparation and massively parallel sequencing, the large scientific projects feasible and affordable. The Genome Sequencer 20 system allows an individual to prepare and the sequence of an entire genome, regardless of the size. A single instrument using patented light emitting sequencing chemistry produces over 20 million nucleotide bases per five-hour run, more than 60 times the capacity of currently available instruments. In 2005, won 454 Sequencing and the Genome Sequencer 20 system The Wall Street Journal Top Innovation Award for the year 2005 and established a R & D 100 Editor’s Choice Award as one of the most technologically significant products awarded in 2006. The 454 Sequencing Center offers sequencing services directly to customers on a fee for service basis. Science and society. Is exclusively for the 454 Life Sciences Roche Applied Science, a division of Roche Diagnostics distributed. For more information, please visit. For further information please go to:The Royal Society of Medicine Registered Charity No.

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