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31, 2007. Worldwide sales in the fourth quarter elevated 16.1 % to $7.2 billion, including a favorable 4.5 % effect of exchange rates. For the full-year 2007, worldwide product sales increased 15.3 % to $25.9 billion, including a good 3.2 % aftereffect of exchange rates. U.S. Pharmaceutical sales increased 16.6 % and international pharmaceutical sales increased 21.3 %, driven by double-digit growth in HUMIRA, Kaletra and TriCor, and including $179 million of Niaspan product sales. HUMIRA achieved full-year worldwide sales in excess of $3 billion in 2007 and the company forecasts global sales for HUMIRA of approximately $4 billion in 2008. Worldwide medical products product sales improved 11.5 %, driven by 15.2 % development in worldwide Diabetes Treatment product sales and 16.4 % growth in international diagnostics sales.If you are looking for more tips on restoring proper stability to your internal eco-system, read How exactly to Cure Candida, and check out the second source below for a good sauerkraut recipe.

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