AAHSA commends the Senate for passing Sen.

AAHSA commends the Senate for passing Sen. Michael Bennet’s amendment The American Association of Homes and Providers for the Aging commends the Senate for passing Sen. Michael Bennet’s amendment, which reassures seniors by protecting guaranteed benefits, and strengthens Medicare by keeping cost savings within the scheduled system. ‘With the silver tsunami of retiring baby boomers fast approaching, it is important for healthcare reform legislation currently before Congress to handle Medicare’s solvency,’ stated Larry Minnix, CEO of AAHSA. ‘We applaud Sen. Bennet’s common-sense solution to preserve the promise of the Medicare system for most more years.’.To be able to continue receiving money, countries already devastated by debt burden had virtually no choice but to follow these mandates. Although SAPs differed from nation to nation, they pressured indebted countries to adopt a series of harsh economic steps. These included: a shift from growing diverse meals crops for domestic usage to producing money crops or other commodities for export; abolishing food and agricultural subsidies to reduce government expenditures; serious cuts to health, casing and education programmes in addition to massive layoffs in the civil service; currency devaluation to create exports cheaper but imports more expensive; liberalization of trade and investment, and increases in genuine interest rates to attract foreign investment; privatization of government-held enterprises.