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New data show latest progress in the company’s delivery efforts with siRNAs along with results linked to the translation of RNAi therapeutics in human being clinical studies, particularly with the company’s ALN-VSP liver cancer plan.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Alnylam. ‘Specifically, we reported new data today on systemic delivery of RNAi therapeutics using siRNA conjugates, our second innovative delivery platform. Specifically, we’ve reached a major milestone in this work with achievement of RNAi efficacy with subcutaneous dosing of novel siRNA conjugates at one digit milligram per kilogram dosages.today announced the National Center, Lung, and Bloodstream Institute provides awarded a $1 million Cardiac Translational Research Implementation System grant to support research on Glial Development Factor 2 , a novel investigational agent for the treating patients with heart failing under development at Acorda. The grant, supporting both laboratory and medical studies, was awarded jointly to Acorda and Vanderbilt University Heart and Vascular Institute, which are collaborating on research of GGF2 in center failure. The first clinical study for GGF2 in sufferers with heart failure is expected to begin in mid-2010.D., Ph.D., Vice President of Preclinical Development at Acorda. NHLBI, a division of the National Institutes of Wellness , provides C-TRIP grants to be able to advance study on promising new therapeutics that address unmet medical requirements in cardiovascular diseases.