285 prevent periodontal positive expenditures for health care.

Periodontal or gum diseases have systemic health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases have been linked.. 4,285 prevent periodontal positive expenditures for health care, suggests Studylead found a new study in the November issue of the Journal of Periodontology that the prevention of periodontal disease can lead to savings not only on dental costs, but also the medical care costs.

###To a periodontist or to find out if you take a risk for periodontal disease, the Academy Risk Assessment Test A referral to a periodontist, additional information and brochure samples are available online at.

Note:the public and / or non-AAP members to a study abstract online, and the full text of the study can be accessed online for $ 20.Americans are increasingly realize of the mighty properties of garlic. According to an article on Journal of Nutrition, garlic being which second most used supplements the United States.

This nutritious , savory spice centuries as part of of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, addition to used for cooking. Turmeric been found in all yellow curry, and its golden color the result of curcumin, a polyphenol with a strong cold and influenza – fighting properties.

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